his is a tremendous app. I don’t have any problems as I expect I might, because if I did. I’ll blame my phone! Nonetheless, it’s an underrated app and specialized to use, I got my 2020 recap which was amazing :)! and therefore the update I’ve previously has improved especially the story saving! Instead, you’ll pick one and open the tab, and shut it.

It’s specialized. the simplest thing is that If you screenshot or screen record the opposite person would get the notification and that is really the simplest thing consistent with me. The camera is basically the simplest. Not just selfie filters but also games are there. The camera is with the simplest clarity. The filters are so satisfying the decision is additionally the simplest. Video calls also can be done by using filters. I even have been using quite a month and that I would really rate it 5.. it is the best app.

This is the simplest app that I even have ever used I’m an image freak, I really like taking pics but this year is 2021 I hope we get an enormous new update on n Snapchat where u can get tons of snap filters directly and everyone sort of new things….and new tricks and hacks that are u can do thereon bc Snapchat is beginning to get a touch boring bc most folks already skills to try to everything thereon and that we need more secrets thereon to find out so it might be more fun.

False notifications still occur. Sometimes I buy notifications 3/4 days later. the entire list of features, filters, maps, etc is pointless. Should be ready to remove these features. I do not trust em nor do I prefer them. Why can’t it’s simple again? The filters are all garbage. Should be allowed to settle on whether to possess them or not. Maybe an Additional download for people. Otherwise, it should be simple, pictures and texts. Nothing quite that.

There’s been a replacement issue/bug with my Snapchat ever since I got my new phone (Samsung galaxy note s20 ultra) this bug doesn’t occur all the time but often enough. Whenever I open my Snapchat camera and that I have the flash enabled during a dark room, the camera flashes like it’s supposed to but the snap itself shows up coal-black, and other times it shows up pitch white. Also, I wish there was how we could quickly remove multiple

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